Crawford Co filing fees - effective 1-1-20

Parenting Handbook -- In Your Child's Best Interest
Course for Parents

Legal aid -- 800-999-0249

Blank Court Memorandum 2020 Memorandum v-2

MOVANS -- Register for phone notifications at 1-866-566-8267 or for email notifications to be notified of actions on a court case. Download MOVANS brochure.

Tax Offset Form -- Missouri State Tax refunds may be withheld by the state due to an outstanding court debt. A person may file an application with the court requesting a review of a court debt that he or she is claiming is paid, incorrect or in error. 
Application for Review of Court Debt Offset: If the debtor has previously paid an outstanding amount owed to the court and that amount was withheld from a tax refund, he or she can apply for a review of the debt withheld.
GN 110 Application for Review of Court Debt Offset.pdf
NOTE: Court clerks cannot provide assistance in completing any forms.

Subpoenas - As of 2015 the triplicate subpoena forms are no longer required. A fillable electronic version may be downloaded here.

Download Fillable Subpoena form

Courtroom dress code and mobile device policy.

2020 Local Court Rules approved 13 January 2020