Jury Info

Jury terms run January through June and July through December.  Click here for more information about serving as a juror.

Jury Dates

If you are selected for jury duty it is your responsibility to check prior to each designated jury date to see if your service is needed.

General Info

The Consolidated Circuit Court of Crawford County is located in the 42nd Judicial Circuit.

Welcome to the Crawford County Circuit Court website. We hope you find the information provided useful and helpful.

For your convenience, you may check your balance and make payments through the PayByWeb feature in Casenet (we are the 42nd Circuit). Electronic check transactions are a .50 flat fee. Debit and Credit card transactions start at $1.25 for transactions up to $50.00 and transactions over $100.00 have a fee of 2.35%.

Crawford County Circuit Court also takes Debit and Credit cards for payments. The processor charges a convenience fee of $2.00 up to $50.00 and 4% of the payment above $50.00. You can call the court with a card in your name, or go to www.missouripayments.com. You must have your case number to make sure your payment is applied correctly to your fees.

Subpoenas are available on our website under Useful links or by clicking HERE.

As of April 20, 2015, our county is e-filing. Attorney filings need to be submitted through the e-filing system.
*Attorneys in need of information or training can find out more on the State Courts Website.